Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away.....

I will be the first to tell you that I usually enjoy nice rainy gloomy day. You know the kind of day you can enjoy at home with a nice cup of tea and a great book or movie. I even love to watch a big thunderstorm role in. I do not however enjoy rain that lasts for well over a week. I have been waiting patiently for the leaves to change into gloriously bright colors of red, yellow, and orange. The time has finally arrived. Fall a beautiful season.

It has inspired me with so many new ideas and yet I am hindered in my creativity by the rain. You see the problem is I don't just want to admire the leaves. I actually need them for my jewelry. I intend to add them as I do love to use natural elements. The problem with natural elements is timing.

So I have waited and waited.Now I find my self well waiting not so patiently..

I have so many great ideas just sitting in my head screaming to get out and be used. Crafted and created for all to see. But nope still waiting..

Now a little rain and cold I can handle but for the past oh I would say 8 days or so it has been pouring on and off all day long. I hear that the weather in Northeastern Ohio is supposed to improve starting tomorrow.

I am hopeful and anxious. I will trudge through the mud if I have to. Just give me 2 good days.  As they say this weather is for the....

So it is known this is not my personal photograph. Though it would be nice if it were. I found this on the web...


  1. oh, how frustrating!!! Maybe you can fly over here and get some of our leaves... oh wait, its raining in So Cal, too.


    PS Do you have Twitter?

  2. Oh your in So Cal. How beautiful!! So far the sun is shinning today. Fingers crossed I'm hiking after work!! I hope to collect allot of leaves.

    Nope sorry no Twitter. I'm still trying to find the balance with my blog work, home, Fb, Etsy, and our tribe. Ill get it down though :)
    I didn't even get a chance to stop by anyone's blogs yesterday. Sorry for that!!

  3. Hope the rain clears soon! We've had sunny days this week but its rainy today. I'm hoping to get some sewing done :)