Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome to my blog

Hi. This is my very first blog post, and as a matter of fact this is my very first blog so bare with me here at first. If you have read my about me section you already know a little. I make jewelry which I currently sell on I also enjoy making other crafts as well. Some of my favorite materials for my jewelry include Czech glass, natural elements such as stone, shells, wood, leaves,flowers etc. I'm a big big fan of Swarovski crystals. You will find them in allot of my pieces. Also a big fan of sterling silver.I started making jewelry when I realized that I could make the jewelry I buy for half the price of what you pay in big department stores. Not to mention when I made my own pieces I got exactly what I was looking for naturally. After that Friends and Coworkers started requesting pieces. The rest is history. I've done a few shows with a great turn out. After that a wonderful person who just happens to make the coolest fuzzy birthday hats and accessories turned me on to etsy.
 I have been an addict ever since. So I figured why not have my own Etsy shop. 

That wonderful person I mentioned above with the birthday hats accessories and girly hair clips is 

Please do check her out.

Come see my shop at

Thanks for visiting!!

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  1. I'm new too! Found you on SITS... stop by and visit me at and share the love :)

    Have a great bloggy day!