Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Post-it-Note Princess

So this past week has been Go Go Go. Which I suppose really doesn't differ from any other week.

Trying to find that lovely balance between work, and play. Spend time with my little boy, spend time with the big boy.

Of course not to mention my website and my artwork and crafts.

Busy is great I thrive for it.,don't get me wrong. However sometimes I get well distracted from what I want to do.By doing all the stuff I have to do. I will admittedly say that I am the Queen of sticky notes and lists.

Really helps to get me organized. My piece in the chaos. I am constantly making little lists and sticking them in my purse. Cross the To Dos off as I go. Does wonders for keeping me on track. I also use a calendar for events, School events,Due bills etc.

Tell me what it is you do to stay on top of things

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