Monday, September 27, 2010

A Break from the Norm

So this is a Breakdown of my busy weekend. While I can't say I was as productive as I had intended to be with my collection, I did manage to post another picture. I also took a trip to a local craft Co-op in my area. I have decided to try out a showcase to display some of my jewelry. I love being on Etsy it is such a blast, But I also like selling to people face to face. There's something rewarding about it. I love meeting people and chatting it up. It provides such a rich opportunity for a jabber jaw like myself. What can I say I'm a people person. He he.

Saturday my son was kind enough to wake me up before the sun. Isn't he so thoughtful? Now mind you he had not intended to wake his sleeping mother. I just happen to sleep extremely lightly. I'm the type once I'm up I'm up. I was awakened by sound effects courtesy of Xzavior and metal Hot wheels crashing together. This was then followed by the sound of the dog and cats fleeing the oncoming path of destruction. So I got out of bed a little before 7 am. I guess really its still sleeping in for me as I normally get up somewhere between 4:30-5 AM. So I slugged down a gulp of Coffee. God I love my Coffee pot and Timer. It is my BFF in the morning. This bought me about 5 minutes before the onslaught of 5 year old chatter. Which I adore,just let me finish the cup first Kay kid.. NEVER HAPPENS. He like his mother is a talker. well what goes around right? Once caffeinated fully awake and after the boy was fed some breakfast we played. What you ask? CARS CARS CARS. Xzavior loves many things he has the gentlest sole of anyone I know. Loves animals especially Kitties. But he is 100% Boy. His favorite thing on this planet is Trains. Steam engines in particular. Second fav. CARS CARS CARS....Its a good thing Hot Wheels only cost a dollar. I am often thankful I grew up a non prissy Tomboy. As I never mind smashing cars racing and of course digging in the dirt.

So after playing in the early morning we awoke the beast (Jim) and prepared for the Grape Jamboree. This is a local fair all about you guessed it Grapes. Its to cute. Xzavior loves it. Of course what kid doesn't like rides and way overpriced games that trap us into spending more money letting our kids play to get a 3 dollar toy then just say going to a store and buying a better toy for the same amount you end up dumping by the time they are done. Hmm Run -on-rant. My apologies! At least they have fun. That I suppose is the point. Worth it in the end. We then walked over to the main street time for the Parade. Jims niece is a Twirler. Had to watch for her..

Then came the Birthday party at Jims sisters house. Xzavior's best buddy Ian. What a party. A costume party to be exact. He had a blast and best part is he stayed the night. Do you know what that means? Date night for mom and Dad. Now these details I shall not divulge. Sorry something's just aren't for sharing. I will say I had a wonderful chilly evening with the most amazing man on the planet. Well to me anyway. Hopefully we all have or will have or have had one of those types. As I believe everyone should!

Sunday I was once again up bright and Early. Though I did not mind. I got up and drove to Downtown Cleveland for the Autism speaks Walk. I was so glad to see a great turn out. So many good people!! I had so much fun. After the walk I went to check out the Co-op. In the meantime back on the Homestead Boo Boo Bear was picked up by Jim and taken to the park to play. I was sorry that I missed that but we rendezvous later for family night out. Dinner and a 3D movie.Legends of the Guardians'. Awesome movie a must see if you have children. Also a trip to Home Depot. Hey I needed some supplies and Jim wanted to look around.

All in all such a great weekend. Worked a tiny bit, but played allot. Yeah sure Ill have more to do this week to catch up. Ohwell. Life is short might as well Play hard and enjoy it RIGHT?

The Way Out

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